Calling Generations X and Y

Calling Generations X and Y

Oct 31, 2012

Calling all members of Generations Y and X!

Interest in science in the United States is waning. Too many members of Generations X and Y feel supercharged by TV, movie, and video game entertainment but lack substantive interest in reality-based activities as well as interest in anything that’s a serious, intellectual activity. Rather than waiting for a transformation to drop from the sky, the foundation wants to initiate change by bringing astronomy to the people.

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  1. StarTeacher /

    Think of the increase in astronomy awareness/interest that could result from carefully produced PSAs featuring GenX/GenY’s favorite celebrities that are, coincidentally, amateur astronomers!

    To that end, I invite all AOF Partners and Sponsors to share, with the AOF board, the names of such unique, potential, “spokespersons-to-be”.

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